Monday, July 27, 2009

Was That Wrong? Should I Not Have Done That?

Two Acadiana men in Florida this weekend attending a wedding wound up fighting each other resulting in one receiving medical attention for a severe head laceration, and the other on the run from police. Andrew Gant, reporting for out of Panama City, writes that Timothy Joseph Sonnier, 41, of Lafayette, fought with 26 year old Adam Sonnier of Scott, over the use of a bedroom in a condo the two men were sharing. The elder Sonnier is alleged to have fired two shots that missed before pistol whipping the younger man, and fleeing in a champagne colored SUV. Sheriff's Office spokesman, Mike Gurspan got off the best line of the story when he was quoted as saying "I've heard of shotgun weddings before, but this is ridiculous." More here.

Photo by Cpt. Spock

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