Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mais Pauvre David

Steve Singiser, of thedailykos.com, has a story about the Louisiana Democratic Party's response to an ad taken out by the Sen. David Vitter campaign attacking potential (he hasn't even declared he's running yet) rival Rep. Charlie Melancon for attending a fundraiser on Martha's Vineyard, MA. Vitter set himself up for ridicule by describing the fundraiser as a"Luvfest". Walter Pierce, of The Independent, made note of this in yesterday's INDsider. And now, as Singiser points out, the LDP had a quick and easy response.

"In contrast to the kind of luvfest David Vitter is used to, this trip was legal, public and no money changed hands'" said Louisiana Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Franck.

"As we all remember, the last time David Vitter made public comments about a 'luvfest' he end up begging for forgiveness. I am anticipating an apology from him for this web ad in the near future."

Franck also said that Melancon himself did not take campaign contributions at the event, which if true would further undercut the whole message of Vitter's Web ad.

Read more here. Below is the ad in question.

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