Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Domestic Violence Increases as Recession Continues

WWL in New Orleans is reporting that cases of domestic violence are increasing as the recession continues. This is because so often money is a source of friction in already bad relationships and as things get worse, cases go up. Ironically, money is also a factor in keeping battered women and children in the situation if they don't have money or a safe place to go.

So on a related note, the Lafayette City Council will vote tonight on whether or not to cut non-profit funding. Should it pass many area agencies would lose operating funds, including Faith House, a battered women's and children's shelter that houses 45 people per month with their resident services and councils many more with non-resident services. They alone would lose more than $26,000 in funding.

Other agencies that would be affected by the cuts are:
List compiled by Amanda McElfresh of the Daily Advertiser

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