Thursday, July 16, 2009

Careful With That Meat Youngin'

OK, I don't like this style of "be very afraid" journalism, and that's why I resisted posting this yesterday. But it creeped me out enough to make into the Meaux today. The only part about Louisiana is this bit:
Scientists at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center tested 120 cuts of locally purchased meat and found MRSA in 4 percent of the pork and 1 percent of the beef
Stephanie Woodard wrote the article for Prevention, and picked it up. It's about new "super bugs" found in raw meat that can infect you before you cook it. What's that? Doesn't sound all that bad? Check this out:
Even the safety glasses, gloves, and smocks workers wear (along with upgraded regular cleaning of equipment) aren't enough to protect them, says Bill. "We work so fast, we often stick ourselves with knives or scissors and get blood on us from head to foot." When a swelling rose over one of his eyes, he was told he might go blind; if the infection progressed to his brain, he'd die.
Now, that I've done my part to spread fear and confusion, feel free to read the rest here.

Photo by eurleif

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