Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Daily Meaux is iPhone Friendly

Thanks to our new tech guy Dave, the Daily Meaux has a fancy new iPhone icon! If you have an iPhone, here's a step by step tutorial on how to get us to show up all pretty on your phone. Thanks Dave!

By Dave from Broussard
We all know the iPhone is great for surfing on the go, and we all know The Daily Meaux is a great place to surf. Now they're even better together. While not iPhone specific, The Daily Meaux displays nicely on the iPhone. Double-tap any article to zoom up on the text.

To make your visits easier, create a link on your iPhone's home screen. While visiting TDM on your phone, tap the plus (+) on the bottom of the screen, then tap "Add to Home Screen". After admiring the beautiful new TDM iPhone icon for a few seconds , tap "Add" to finish the process. Note: I edit the name of the shortcut to "Daily Meaux" on my phone so the whole name is displayed on the screen. Enjoy!

David Moore is a technical writer from Broussard. In his spare time he writes a music blog, which you can see here: www.xcursions.net/blog

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