Thursday, July 23, 2009

News Briefs: Pretty in Pink, Raises this Friday, Sci-Fi

A couple of quick news briefs this morning:

Prisoners in Iberia Parish are now required to wear pink jumpsuits if they violate rules. They are also in the process of painting the holding cell for offending prisoners pink. While a quick google search on the subject will tell you that this is not a new concept as many jurisdictions require pink outfits, but it also comes with some controversy as some people believe it's cruel and unusual punishment. KLFY has the story about the Iberia Parish jail.

Also in the news this morning - Minimum Wage is scheduled to increase this Friday. It's the last installment of the 3 part increase approved in 2007. The new rate will be $7.25 / hour.

Finally, there's a new movie getting ready to film in the Bayou State. Battle: Los Angeles is a multi-million dollar Sci-Fi flick filming in Baton Rouge and other parts of Louisiana. The Advertiser has a full report. Here's the imdb page on the movie.

Photo by Zarko Drincic

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