Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

Jim Hummel has a story on KATC 3, about John Richard Jr. of Opelousas, who was arrested by St. Landry Parish Sheriffs, and charged with possession of 80 pounds of marijuana. The article goes on to mention that Richard used urine to mask the smell of the marijuana, and that this is a common practice among drug traffickers.
John Richard Junior was pulled over by Deputies in the St. Landry Sheriff's Highway Interdiction Team for speeding Monday night off highway 190 in Eunice. When Deputies approached the vehicle they smelled marijuana. Authorities say Richard used urine to try and mask the smell of the drugs, a tactic common among those who transport drugs.

"It's not unusual at all, they're going to try to disguise the smell throw the officer's dog off, throw the officers off, they're going to do what they have to do to disguise the scent of marijuana," said St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.

So, when did the urine get sprayed on the marijuana? During the traffic stop? Was it pre-applied? Is it weird that I care about this? They also describe Richard as "elderly" but don't give his age. More here.

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