Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Original Birdwatcher

By Paul Conover

I just came in from setting a live-trap for cats in the backyard. The neighbor’s cat has churned out two litters of kitties over the past year, and now the first litter is starting to explore its sexuality. Kittens having kittens. Too many cats.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t spent the last decade making my yard bird-friendly. I feel like I’ve made a deal with the yard birds, and that covenant doesn’t include feeding them to cats. Cats can find their own food—that’s why God invented dumpsters. Or better yet, pet owners can care enough about their cats to keep them safely indoors, free from fleas, cars, and mean people with traps.

I’ve been accused of hating cats plenty over the years. I think that charge would stick a little better if I didn’t have a couple of kitties camped next to me on the couch right now, two backyard waifs that tricked me into adopting them. They’ve been de-wormed, de-flea-ed, and de-outdoor-ed. As a responsible pet owner, I take care of my cats.

Many cat owners make the argument that cats are born to run, and when they run, no one can control where they go. In other words, cats can go wherever they damn well please.

Not true.

Although many cat owners deny it, cats are indeed subject to the Lafayette Parish leash law. Let’s look at said ordinance:

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Paul Conover has pursued the hobby of bird watching for many years, and is well versed on the various types of birds seen here in Southwest Louisiana.

Photo by Mourner

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