Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UL Week 8 Tuesday

So, last night was a all-nighter. It was pretty fun too. While Zack was at Fletcher working on his project, I wrote my research essay. Zack came over around 1 AM and we cooked a late dinner. He left and we went back to work. Around 4:30, he came back and we went on a jog to help us stay awake. It was super fun. So, I'm switching my major tomorrow. I'm definitely switching to architecture! I even went to Ulink today and saw that for Hector (one of the professors), well, his class had ONE seat left. So, I signed up for it before I even changed my major. I couldn't miss out on that opportunity. I'm super excited. But, I didn't sleep, so I'm exhausted.

Olivia Melancon is from Lafayette and a first time freshman at ULL. She is documenting her experiences here in a special series for The Daily Meaux

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