Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mr. Q

I've been much too neglectful of the younger musicians from Louisiana. Most of the guys featured here have been either old or dead (both of which we will all be someday). But to kick off the new year, let's let a little new blood into the mix shall we? Enter Quintron! It's not that far of a musical trip from a young Jerry Lee Lewis, to modern day Quintron. See if you can connect the dots. And here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous '10 to all of ye! Weekend now!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Somehow, Bobby Knows Better

I'm tired. Too tired to argue. Almost too tired to post. Sooooo many dogs to wash for the holidays. So, I won't debate the merits of the arguments concerning climate change or Global Warming. I'm a dog washer, what do I know? Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't this be a good time to err on the side of caution? Is that even a saying anymore? To err on the side of caution? But our Governor is pretty sure he knows. So, let it ride Bobby! It's just the fate of the planet you're playing around with. Commiecrat out.

Oh.... read the article here.

Photo by woodleywonderworks

Monday, December 28, 2009

Freeze! Here's Some Gumbo

This creeps me out. I know, the folks involved did it with the best intentions (as is often the case when creepiness abounds), but there's a reason more places don't do this kind of thing. What could possibly go wrong? reported on Christmas Day that a family from South Carolina was arrested, in Jennings no less, and then sentenced to gumbo, hospitality, and a tour of the area. From the article:
A South Carolina family passing through Jennings on their way to Texas was pulled over, hauled off to a church, "tried" for not stopping to enjoy local hospitality and "sentenced" to gumbo, presents and a tour.

More here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Champ

One of the true pleasures of my career with The Bluerunners, was once sharing the bill with the great Champion Jack Dupree'. I think it was 1991, and he was making his first stateside tour in quite some time. He had been living in Europe for many years, so this tour was a big deal for his fans. This particular show was in Washington, D.C. at the Wolftrap amphitheater. We were just one of several bands on the bill, but make no mistake, Champion Jack was the star of the show. He took the stage alone with a grand piano. He was the most dignified man I had ever seen. He proceeded to rip the roof off the place playing Let The Good Times Roll no less than three times in his short, 30 minute set. Admittedly, that was kinda weird, but he was holding court, and playing whatever he felt like. I know one thing, nobody complained.
So, before you put the Perry Como Christmas album on, rock out with Champion Jack for a little while. Happy Holidays to all from The Daily Meaux!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cowboy and Belle (click the links and it will make sense)

Xeni Jardin posted on about Mardi Gras photographs by John Mizenko, taken in New Orleans, 1956, and now on exhibit at Galleria Mar Dore'. Dang, that's a lot of links for one sentence, but they're all worth clicking. I don't want to post any of the photos due to copyright law ( if I make any money at this!), but do click on the links. It's a sweet story and awesome photos.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Dont Feel So Good

To quote former Saints head coach Hank Stram, the Cowboys gave it to us "right in the smoosh" last night. Look, I don't know what a smoosh is, but I'm pretty sure it hurts to get hit there. Dang it! As you might expect, the Times Picayune has several great reads about last night's debacle. Lots of perspective, and explaining of the inexplicable to be found there. Links: here, here, here, here.
To be sure, there will be much more Saints talk (the sky is falling! the sky is falling!) histrionics from the TV/radio chuckleheads coming. In fact, it's going to be hard to avoid such yackety-yack for a little while. But, for me, I'm gonna let "my main man" (actual catch phrase from the 70's), Kris Kristofferson, have the last word. Side note: It took me almost a year, but I finally figured out how to work in music from non-Louisiana based artists. More music for you, less writing/work for me. It's a win-win for everybody. Which reminds me WE LOST! Dang it! Dang it! Ding Dang it!
Take us out Kris.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Go Saints Go!

Well, no less than three people contacted me about this story. I pick up on hints. Maybe I should do a post about the story. Here it is Wright Thompson's article on about the lift New Orleans is getting from the Saints winning season. Here's a snippet:
The Saints, always popular, have transcended, now lumped in with New Orleans' institutions -- Mardi Gras, Louis Armstrong and red beans on Monday. They're woven into the fabric of the town … because they stayed. Private girls schools now let the students wear Saints jerseys to class on special days. A friend of mine, who lives in Uptown and grew up going to games, says the feeling about the team has changed. He's an oil-and-gas man, a Republican, not prone to fits of hippieness. "The last four years have been very special in the city's attachment to the Saints," he told me. "I am not one to do a lot of reflecting back on Katrina, but there is clearly a line of demarcation there."
Read the rest here.

Also, I was struck by how genuine and thoughtful Saints receiver and Opelousas native, Devery Henderson was in his comments to William C. Rhoden, of The New York Times, on the death of fellow Louisianian, and NFL player Chris Henry. From that article:
“Speaking for myself I go back home and my people, they not only look at me as who I am—the cousin or their nephew or their grandson — they look at me as an N.F.L. player,” Henderson said. “They’re proud of it, that’s just the reality of it. To them, I’m up on a pedestal. I’m pretty sure it was the same thing with Chris Henry’s family, so I can imagine what they’re going through right now.”

Read the rest of this article here.

Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Happy!

So, apparently education, health care, and the coastline evaporating out from under our feet aren't that big a deal after all. Louisiana was ranked the number one happiest state in the Union, according to this (thanks for the tip in Paul). We do have the food, the music, and those two good weeks of weather in late October and April. Plus, it's a good excuse to post my favorite Keith song. Weekend reinforced here:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Henderson Representin' On NPR

Here's a nice little story from NPR on author Rheta Grimsley Johnson who's new book, Poor Man's Provence: Finding Myself in Cajun Louisiana, discusses her adventures as a transplant in Henderson, LA.
Let's not forget, the Hydrilla started the same way.
Listen here.

Photo by MVI

Seems Like A Reasonable Request To Me

Tis the reason for the season? I dunno, but I love Kermit Ruffins. And, he's only asking for one thing this Christmas. Weekend starts in 3..2..1.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Dumbest Thing I Saw Today

Saints, 13-0! That's a big deal. And with that kind of record comes more eyeballs looking at the team. More eyeballs equals increased scrutiny. That's great, and yet, somebody had to take it too far. The folks over at suggest that longtime Saints mascot, dubbed Sir Saint, but known to many simply as Big Chin Guy, should not be white, since most players in the NFL are black, and because New Orleans and Louisiana have a history of racial strife. Really? Nice logic.
Dude, I'm a proud liberal, and you're even pissing me off. Talk about the politics of distraction. You could change the color of every mascot in the NFL and it's not going to help one person in the lower 9th Ward. It won't fix one levee, it won't improve one public school, it won't abate the systemic racism that exists in New Orleans, or Louisiana, or anywhere else. We're not talking about a truly offensive nickname like "Red Skins" either. It's a giant cartoon character! And you're preaching this from the racial paradise that is Texas? Try focusing on the real problems that affect people's lives, and stop diluting their cause with this kind of drivel. From the article:
You can say that Sir Saint is just a silly football mascot and who cares what he looks like?Yet in a place with as nasty a racial history as Louisiana and New Orleans, the decision as to what color the football mascot should be implies something. Especially when the mascot does not look like the majority of players on the field.

Read the article here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanna Feel Old?

Lil' Wayne. He's from New Orleans. He's fairly brilliant, and may hold up a mirror that we find difficult to look into. This story, by Donyel Griffin on, is about his recent difficulties selling his half million dollar apartment in Miami because it smells like marijuana. I smoked marijuana at one time in my life, but I never had a half million dollar apartment. His other favorite drug is "syrup". I liked syrup too...Steen's cane syrup in the yellow can. See what I mean? Kinda the same, but eons apart. He may be troubled, but don't sleep on Lil' Wayne. He's an artist, he don't look back.
Check out the article here.

This Is A Problem

We can't do better than Raleigh, North Carolina? No offense, but I've been there, and trust me, they're not setting the bar all that high. Though I did have the best hot dogs I've ever had at this place. WAFB reports that IEM (not EMI of Sex Pistols fame. God that song rocks!) a company that started in Louisiana, is relocating to Raleigh because it can't attract qualified employees to Louisiana. Oomph! That's a kick to the stomach. It should also sound an alarm to our elected officials, but I won't hold my breath. From the article:

IEM officials say for the past several years it's been hard to get educated technology professionals to move to Louisiana. One of the biggest issues their potential employees have with the state - education."Telling them they have to put their kid in private schools, this is an additional cost and these are just practical considerations," said IEM technology vice president Ted Lemcke. Lemcke says struggling public schools are just one concern his company's potential workforce has with Louisiana. IEM workers advise federal agencies on how to manage threats to public safety and property. "Young technology professionals are attracted to centers like Raleigh-Durham or Austin or other places, and they don't see Baton Rouge as one of those technology clusters," said Lemcke.

More here.

Monday, December 14, 2009


It's loud and dark, but this video of the reception the Saints players received at the airport last night following their victory over the hated Atlanta Falcons is awesome. Greeting the team at the airport has become a regular occurrence this season, growing to the point of requiring crowd barricades, and police escorts. Love it!

High Water Everywhere

It's easy to laugh at, criticize, or marginalize folks from the rural parishes in Louisiana. After all, we're city folks right? We have created an entertainment industry based on the music, food and customs that originated in those rural parishes....but that's just for weekends. This AP video of the folks down in Isle de Jean just broke my heart.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You're Doing It Wrong!

Grits are wonderful. OK? That's not exactly breaking news. Butter, salt, maybe some cheese, or shrimp and bacon. What's not to love? Well, go ask this guy, who had the misfortune to reprise the role of Al Green as victim of a hot grits attack from an angry lover. Matt Scallan wrote this story for the Times-Picayune. From the article:
A Boutte woman who allegedly poured a pot of boiling grits onto her sleeping boyfriend last month was booked with second-degree battery Wednesday. The man told sheriff's deputies that he came home from work on Nov. 7, got into an argument with Brown, told her that he was breaking up with her, then went to bed. The man was treated for second-degree burns on his face and arm.

As a grassroots grits advocate, I repeat the mantra: Grits don't kill people. People kill (or in this case, scald) people.

Go Saints, beat those nasty ol' Falcons!

Photo by Adam_d

Friday, December 11, 2009

Picardy Birds CD Release Sat. @ The Moon

Check it out:

PICARDY BIRDS began in May 2005 as a simple vocal jazz quartet. Four years, several styles and music degrees later, the Birds have become a harmonious reminiscence of Ella Fitzgerald's technique, The Meters' funk, Aretha's soul, and rock that ranges from a love for Radiohead to The Mars Volta. The Picardy Birds have made it their mission to set themselves apart in the musical world and create a sound that speaks to lovers of all styles of music, considering the Birds themselves appreciate a plethora of styles. Remarkably, the differences of stylistic opinion only bring out the best in the Birds, creating a truly original and unexpected blend of southern funk, soul, rock and jazz with the socially outspoken folk songs and the strong, expressive voice of singer/songwriter Emelie Guidry. Upon the release of their first album in spring 2009, The Picardy Birds plan to tour the southeast to promote the distinct sound they call their own.

The Picardy Birds spin an impressive and unexpected blend... musically adventurous jazz-flecked tunes with the spirit of indie rock running underneath"-The Times of Acadiana

"Guidry is a talented songwriter with a captivating stage presence, and her mates share her vigor and match her dynamism. From sparkling grooves to winding, psychedelic stretches to syncopated jazz flourishes the band showed an uncanny ability to draw out the tension between Guidry’s lyrics and verses."
-Groovescapes, New Orleans, July 2009

Sean... Pull My Finger

It was a regular Mensa meeting over on the F network, when Sean Hannity hosted Steven Segal on his daily show. Where to start? Collective head size seems the obvious route. Just imaging the emptiness, the cavernous void that exists inside those heads....well it frightens me, like a kid who's lost his Mom in the mall. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Just turn down the volume and let the clip roll.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looks Sumpin Like A Turnip Green. 'Cept It Aint

This one has it all. Leather shirt and pants. Mutton chops that threaten to carpet your entire living room. Some kind of post modern set dressing conjuring up images of a barn, maybe railroad tracks? It's 1969, and you're thinking about country blues because somebody put weird crate looking things around a guy playing a guitar with no amp, and no cable. And that freak Andy Williams is talking about "real Southern soul from Louisiana". You say to yourself, "Lawd, what is happening to mah brain?" Mellow out baby, it's just Polk. Salad. Annie. Tony Joe White is gonna go all Oakgrove, LA on ya, and you're gonna love it. Weekend here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dey Coming Out Da Woodworks

More video fun. Count how many folks exit their vehicles beer in hand. Then directly to the live ammo. Thank you Louisiana.

Like Ships In The Night

Although not unheard of down here in South Louisiana, it's never a good thing when flooding causes coffins to float up from their graves. This sort of thing has a tendency to creep folks out. And it's a video so you don't even have to read. The Meaux is looking out for you non-readers. Enjoy.

Let's See Now, Where Was I?

Hey folks. I may or may not have fallen asleep at the computer recently. The clues are all there. The Qwerty imprint across my face, the much drool. Apparently, Thanksgiving is over. The Saints are 12 and 0. Wha? And we're in the home stretch of '09. Now, that I've rested and stretched (the stretching is so important), it's time for the sprint to the finish. Then '10 comes around and the whole thing starts again....and that's the good-case scenario. At any rate, please excuse my absence. Now, I'm off in search of Nutria news, coastal erosion stories, and bikini bandits. Those dang bandits spoiled me.