Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Is A Problem

We can't do better than Raleigh, North Carolina? No offense, but I've been there, and trust me, they're not setting the bar all that high. Though I did have the best hot dogs I've ever had at this place. WAFB reports that IEM (not EMI of Sex Pistols fame. God that song rocks!) a company that started in Louisiana, is relocating to Raleigh because it can't attract qualified employees to Louisiana. Oomph! That's a kick to the stomach. It should also sound an alarm to our elected officials, but I won't hold my breath. From the article:

IEM officials say for the past several years it's been hard to get educated technology professionals to move to Louisiana. One of the biggest issues their potential employees have with the state - education."Telling them they have to put their kid in private schools, this is an additional cost and these are just practical considerations," said IEM technology vice president Ted Lemcke. Lemcke says struggling public schools are just one concern his company's potential workforce has with Louisiana. IEM workers advise federal agencies on how to manage threats to public safety and property. "Young technology professionals are attracted to centers like Raleigh-Durham or Austin or other places, and they don't see Baton Rouge as one of those technology clusters," said Lemcke.

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