Monday, December 14, 2009


It's loud and dark, but this video of the reception the Saints players received at the airport last night following their victory over the hated Atlanta Falcons is awesome. Greeting the team at the airport has become a regular occurrence this season, growing to the point of requiring crowd barricades, and police escorts. Love it!

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  1. That is CRAZY! I had been hearing on our local news that there were large welcoming crews, but I had no idea. A buddy in Austin (Cowboys fan) is working in New Orleans these days and he texted on Monday that he had already seen people wearing 2009 NFC South Champions caps - he said he's never seen this level of devotion to a Pro team (college, yes). I sent him this link, because *this* is devotion!

    Hey, if we beat Carolina in three weeks to wrap up 16-0, I'll pick you up on my way to the airport ;) I'll admit to hoping for it, but more than that I hope we're still having to play 60 at that point - I'm still suffering from the season-ending loss to Carolina in 2006. Even though we didn't need that win, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. You shouldn't ever give away a game to a division rival. I lived in CO from 1995-2004, and a co-worker told me even a Super Bowl win would not take away the sting of a Broncos loss to the Raiders. He may have changed his tune about 1998, but I totally understand his sentiment.