Friday, December 11, 2009

Picardy Birds CD Release Sat. @ The Moon

Check it out:

PICARDY BIRDS began in May 2005 as a simple vocal jazz quartet. Four years, several styles and music degrees later, the Birds have become a harmonious reminiscence of Ella Fitzgerald's technique, The Meters' funk, Aretha's soul, and rock that ranges from a love for Radiohead to The Mars Volta. The Picardy Birds have made it their mission to set themselves apart in the musical world and create a sound that speaks to lovers of all styles of music, considering the Birds themselves appreciate a plethora of styles. Remarkably, the differences of stylistic opinion only bring out the best in the Birds, creating a truly original and unexpected blend of southern funk, soul, rock and jazz with the socially outspoken folk songs and the strong, expressive voice of singer/songwriter Emelie Guidry. Upon the release of their first album in spring 2009, The Picardy Birds plan to tour the southeast to promote the distinct sound they call their own.

The Picardy Birds spin an impressive and unexpected blend... musically adventurous jazz-flecked tunes with the spirit of indie rock running underneath"-The Times of Acadiana

"Guidry is a talented songwriter with a captivating stage presence, and her mates share her vigor and match her dynamism. From sparkling grooves to winding, psychedelic stretches to syncopated jazz flourishes the band showed an uncanny ability to draw out the tension between Guidry’s lyrics and verses."
-Groovescapes, New Orleans, July 2009

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