Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's All About Timing

As we posted Monday, Gov. Jindal is making a return to national media this week. Nathan Stubbs, of The Independent, points out, Jindal penned an op-ed piece in Politico slamming the proposed health care reform bill in Congress. This while Louisiana ranked 50th in recently released for 2008. And, check out the chart with the rankings from 1990 to 2008....that line that scrolls along the bottom, that's Louisiana's ranking over the same period..last or second to last every year (thanks Mississippi!).
Today, Lee Fang, of, pointed out that the Politico piece included Jindal's bashing of the Economic Recovery Act as a "stimulus that has not stimulated". Then follows with this tidbit:
However, less than 24 hours before Jindal published his op-ed, Jindal traveled to Anacoco, Louisiana to present a jumbo-sized check to residents of Vernon Parish. The funds included hundreds of thousands of dollars directly from the Recovery Act — at least $157,848 in Community Block Grant money authorized by the Recovery Act and $138,611 for Byrne/JAG job training programs created by the Recovery Act. Rather than credit the federal government or the Recovery Act he opposed, Jindal printed his own name on the corner of the massive check.

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