Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get Involved

News from the AcA

As you may know we are once again embroiled in a battle with the council about external agency funding. We have been working these past 2 weeks with both council members and city leadership towards not only defeat of this ordinance, but also towards a permanent solution to take this funding out of the council's hands and create a model to better fund arts & culture organizations long-term. For more information on funding in the long-term we encourage you to please review these recommendations and studies by the LINC (Lafayette in the next Century) comprehensive plan as it pertains to arts funding.

We need your help! If building a stronger, more culturally diverse community is important to you we ask that you please be present at the council meeting on July 21 (next Tuesday) at 5:15 PM when the ordinance goes to the council for final adoption.

We are encouraging those concerned citizens and business leaders that can attend the council meeting to speak up. It is crucial the they hear from you, the community, not just from directors of NGO's (Non-Government Organizations). Please feel free to email us if you feel compelled to speak and we will be glad to give you some more input and information.

If you cannot be present at the council meeting there are other ways to show your support. Call and email all of your councilman. Feel free to add your own personal plea to these talking points by cutting & pasting into an email.Pass this on to your friends, business and education leaders, artists, etc. and ask them to take action for stronger, more culturally diverse community. For more information on the ordinance please read the Independent's cover story.

Thank you for your support and efforts on our behalf.

Dr. Gerd Wuestemann
Executive Director
Acadiana Center for the Arts
101 W. Vermillion Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

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