Friday, July 17, 2009

Stepping Out

Alright, here's a jaded weekend entertainment roundup as seen from a hermit, shut-in's perspective. Actually, if you decide to venture out of the cave, eschewing the air- conditioning, the chips, and the televised British Open Championship (you're crazy!) you do have some quality options in town.

Numero uno on my list would be Leon Russell at Nite Town, Friday night. True, it's a bit of a weird venue for Russell, but the man is a living legend. For you youngins, go to the show just to see how many times you say "wow, he wrote that song?"

Also on Friday Brother Dege Legg is hosting an "Old School Skate and Musician Party" at The Somewhere's Else Lounge. Not sure what all that entails, but I dare say it sounds like a bona fide throwdown.

Saturday, I'd probably stroll down to the Blue Moon to catch Kevin Sekhani open for The Canes. For those with super memories, (I'm looking at you Ms. Belle, congrats on the new edition btw) Sekhani, late of Austin, once fronted Lafayette's own Stan Brundy Function in the decade that began with a 9. The Canes will drive it all back into the barn with excellent song craft and musicianship.

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  1. Yes, in this time of science and the moon, some of us do have super memories....