Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trouble In The Water

As we noted last week, unhealthy levels of bacteria are being found on the beaches of Louisiana. Today, has a story on a report by Natural Resource Defense Council that uses data compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency, found 7 percent of beach water sampled nationally violated health standards, containing human or animal waste. But here, in Louisiana, that number soared to 29 percent, highest in the nation.
"Pollution from dirty stormwater runoff and sewage overflows continues to make its way to our beaches," Nancy Stoner, co-director of the council's water program, said in a statement marking the 19th annual "Testing the Waters" report. "Americans should not suffer the consequences of contaminated beach water," she added. "From contracting the flu or pink eye, to jeopardizing millions of jobs and billions of dollars that rely on clean coasts, there are serious costs to inaction."
More here.

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