Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Harsh or Just Right - What's Your Opinion?

There was a homeless man in Shreveport that robbed a bank. He went in with his hand under his jacket and told the teller it was a robbery. She handed him 3 stacks of bills, he then took 1 - $100 bill, returned the stacks and left. The next day, he went back to the bank to return the $100 and told them that he was giving back the money because "he wasn't raised that way." He explained that he needed the money to stay in a detox center and he had no food or place to stay. They subsequently arrested him, he had a trial and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

So our question to you - in your opinion - was this sentence too harsh, or was the judge being compassionate? Leave your opinion in the comments, and check out the full story is here at

Photo by Tim Pierce

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  1. 15 years IS a light sentence for armed bank robbery. Perhaps he just needed a hug. Was he cajun?