Friday, September 11, 2009

Yet Another Pretender To The Throne

Ol'Max never had to deal with this when he was a pup, but now that he's older (older than any other dog in the world) he has to contend other mutts nipping at his heels. While it's not yet been made official, Max, of New Iberia, at 26 years is the world's oldest dog. As we noted earlier this month, the reigning official oldest dog Chanel has passed on to wherever doggies go when they die. This presumable left the doggy-door open for Max to assume the crown. But now comes a British rival, Otto looking to lay claim to the title. I'm sure he's a nice dog, but Otto is a mere 20 years of age. Max would already have been in the first grade (had he gone to school) when Otto was born. Someone needs to tell the Guinness folks to pick up the pace of their research. Time is literally of the essence. Read more here in the

Photo by Caters News Agency

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