Friday, September 18, 2009

The More Things Change....

The Huffington Post ran this story regarding a study entitled A Portrait Of Louisiana by The American Human Development Project. The study examines life in Louisiana four years after Katrina. The results are fairly abysmal for some residents, while others are doing better than national averages. And yes, there's a huge racial component factoring into who's doing well and who isn't. Some of the lowlights:
The average life span for African-Americans in Louisiana today (72.2 years) is shorter than that of Colombians, Vietnamese and Venezuelans. The average life span of an African-American in New Orleans is 69.3 years, nearly as low as life expectancy in North Korea.
African-Americans in Tangipahoa Parish have well-being levels of the average American in the early 1950s.
More here.
There is a follow up article by Sara Burds-Sharps and Kristen Lewis here, that further expounds on the results of the study.

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