Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trash Talk at Listening Tour

The first stop on the Joey Durel Listening Tour Express yielded a lot of trash talk....literally. According to Richard Burgess' recap in The Advocate, the first hour of the 2 hour meeting was spent griping about current frustrations - namely the giant Allied Waste blue garbage cans and the Red-light cameras. Durel defended both programs but did say that he would talk to the City-Council about the Right-on-red slow roll ticket controversy. (Apparently if you don't come to a full 5 second stop before turning right on red, snap! They take your pic and mail you a ticket). The 2nd hour discussed setting aside $400,000 to fund a growth study, which is up for council vote on the 29th. Next stop on the Express: 9/21 at the Youngsville Library.

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