Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuller Place Now Hearts Of Hope

Marsha Sills has an article in today's Advocate about Stuller Place, the nonprofit facility for victims of sexual assault, changing its name to Hearts of Hope. The change is hoped to better differentiate the foundation from Stuller Settings,the jewelry manufacturer, as well as Stuller Settings owner Matt Stuller's own nonprofit The Stuller Family Foundation. That's a lot of Stuller going on. From the article:
But it has been difficult to convey that to the public, said Jill Howell Dugas, Hearts of Hope’s new executive director.“It’s the struggle of Stuller,” Dugas said and smiled. “People don’t give because they think it’s his charity. We also get calls from people looking for the ‘jewelry place.’ ”Stuller agreed that the name has led to too much confusion about his involvement.“It’s time to move on,” he said. “It differentiates Stuller (Settings), the Stuller Foundation and the work that you’re doing here.”

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