Saturday, September 26, 2009

Uh...I'm Too Busy, Again, to Take Your Call Mr. VP

Stephen Sabludowsky with the reports on a story from Think Progress about a Stimulus Conference call that VP Joe Biden held recently. Apparently all the governors, or their representatives, we on the line except....Bobby Jindal....and this isn't the first call he's missed. Sabludowsky goes on to write about how Jindal has been criticized for distributing giant cardboard checks to various projects with his signature on them...and no mention that the funds are coming from the Recovery / Stimulus Act. In addition, he even mentions a story that the Advocate wrote about that state highway projects that are being funded are purposefully not posting signs that the funding is coming from the Recovery Act, but the same type of projects post signs when the funds come from the state surplus and no stimulus money is used. Think Progress has a quote on that from the DOTD spokesperson Mark Lambert on this:
"State projects financed with federal stimulus dollars will have no signs that say that," said Mark Lambert, spokesman for the state Department of Transportation and Development. Lambert said the decision was made by DOTD Secretary William Ankner. “He directed that signs not go up,” Lambert said of Ankner.

Read the whole story and Sabludowsky's call for more transparency here.

Original Think Progress story can be found here.

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