Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ali Landry's Belle Parish Launches

If you happen to follow Ali Landry on Twitter, you would know that she just returned from Las Vegas where she debuted her new children's clothing line "Belle Parish." She recently told People Magazine that

“Belle Parish is classic, sweet, whimsical clothes that are rooted in our Southern upbringing....For us, it’s like the hometown department store that closed 60 years ago and the doors have just re-opened. It’s vintage and tradition with a modern twist.” Ali says that “...Belle Parish is about creating a lifestyle, but because I’m a mom I wanted to start with kid’s clothing. I also have a strong point of view about dressing children in age-appropriate clothes. I want to celebrate each stage of their life. We’re so excited about people’s response to our ideas.”

The little girls clothing line is very cute and very frilly with lots of bows, lace and embroidery....check it out here at

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