Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Louisiana's Rich with NFL Players

We sure do love football here in the Bayou State and now USA Football just proved it! The Alexandria Town Talk is reporting on a study that USA Football recently released that said Louisiana ranks first with the most NFL football players per capita.....in fact, we have one National Football League player for every 55,862 people in the state. Louisiana also came in tied for fifth with most players total in the NFL. The Top 7 states are: California with 205 players, Texas has 179, Florida has 176, Ohio has 90 Georgia and Louisiana each have 80 and Alabama has 53. I wonder how many we could name? I did find a database of all LSU players that ever played in the NFL here, but not a comprehensive list of active players.

Now, I guess it'd be nice if we had the most per capita doctors or scientists, but football players are pretty cool too. The full story can be found here on thetowntalk.com.
Photo by Eric Kilby

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