Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No, Really I Want To Show You

OK, this will take a little explaining, but hang with me. Dateline August 31 2009, an arrest was made of suspect, Lisa Newsome, 42, accused of stealing beer from a Zachary convenient store by placing it under a large house coat she was wearing at the time the crime took place on Aug. 2, almost a month prior. In the interim, Newsome earned quite a reputation., as well as WAFB, called her the "beer between the legs bandit". While the Advocate referred to the suspect as doing a "beer walk" in its headline (haven't we all done a "beer walk" at some point in our lives?). But the quote of the day came from Zachary Police Captian David Mcdavid in WAFB's follow up article:
"She attempted to show us how she did it," said McDavid. "But we told her not to pull her pants down."

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