Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bizarro Best Buy

Sarah Rosario of KATC filed this report of a Best Buy employee receiving a $1000 tip/gift from a local couple. Now the employee, Agnes Kennedy, may lose her job. According to the report, Best Buy policy prohibits employees from accepting tips. Kennedy counters that the money was a gift intended to help her with school tuition. The couple instructed her to "pay it forward" when she gets older. As it stands now, Kennedy says management has told her if she cashes the check she will be terminated.
What planet is this Best Buy on? I'd like to go there. The one I usually go to has never left me with the urge to give away a thousand bucks. I consider it a victory if the checkout person doesn't cough into their hand before giving me my receipt. Anyway, Kennedy claims she's suspended, while Best Buy corporate offices say she's still employed. More here.

Photo by Kylemac

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