Monday, September 21, 2009

With A Face Only A Mother Could Love

I found this article on Metafilter. They, of course, found it somewhere else as is their modus operandi, but I like Metafilter so much, I wanted to give them attribution too. The story comes from WDSU in New Orleans, and pertains to a group of scientists who caught a giant squid in the Gulf of Mexico. They were on a "research cruise" (two great things in one...cruising and researching), when they caught the 19.5 foot, 103 pound squid. (You'd have thought they would have used the metric system being scientists and all, but nope, they didn't.) This is only the second known capture of a giant squid in the Gulf of Mexico. The other was in 1954, and that squid was dead when they found it. Whew, all this just to give a plug to Metafilter. More here.

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