Thursday, September 10, 2009

Archie, Little Archie, And The Half Wit

Did you really think I was going to get this close to Sunday without mentioning the Saints? The NFL kicks off it's season tonight with the Steelers against the Titans, two teams I don't really care much about. But I will be watching, that is until Project Runway starts at 9 (don't give me any grief about my Runway). The sooner we get Thursday out of the way, the sooner Sunday will be here. Then, on Gameday, I will try to sleep all the way to noon, so as to avoid the pre-game chuckle heads, and use my body's internal clock to awaken just in time for kickoff. Finally! Saints v. Lions! Drew, Reggie, Marcus, Mr. Vilma. All my imaginary friends will begin their work of winning football games, and giving me a reason to wake up every day from now until Feb.
OK, the point of this post is I found an NPR story about original Saint hero, Archie Manning and his sons Peyton and Eli (pauve Cooper, no one ever talks about him). The Trio Manning has written a children's book, presumably so even Eli could read it. Click on the photo and take a good look at the expression on Eli's face. You can find a dozen pics of him on the Internet, and he'll look dumber in every one of them. I mean, even his moment of Super Bowl glory involved someone catching a pass with their head. Ah breathe it in.... the NFL is here! Check out the story here.

Photo by Bill Frakes, Getty Images


  1. Great story, but a little rough on Eli! Project Runway?

  2. Dude, let your Saints freak flag fly!
    Uh, Project Runway? You have no excuse, unless the contestants were tapped to design an exclusive Black 'n' Gold line.