Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oomph ...55-0

OK, so the Cajuns got clobbered 55-0 by the Nebraska Corn Huskers. The circumstances combined to work against UL. The 'Huskers were seeing red (pun intended) after losing to Virgina Tech last week by one point on a last second touchdown pass. Add to that UL's disheartening loss to LSU, despite playing hard and making a game of it the week before, in Baton Rouge. The Cajuns were over matched from the start, but it didn't help to be on the road against an angry powerhouse. Still, we're just 2-2, .500. It's like starting the season over now. Started off strong with victories over Southern and Kansas State, then got our nose bloodied a bit in the next two outings. Next week, we'll be the angry team, at home, facing North Texas in our first Sun Belt Conference game. Fear the angry Cajun you lowly Eagles!

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