Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ticket-takers and Ushers Need Only Apply

2 related stories out today don't paint a very pretty picture for Louisiana's workforce and job prospects. First up, an article on by Melinda Deslattes from the Associated Press about Curt Eysink, the Director of Louisiana Workforce, saying that the state needs more people to get 2 year degrees instead of 4 year degrees. He says that there are skilled labor jobs out there that can't be filled because we don't have enough graduates with technical degrees. Eysink presented forecasting data that showed the top growth jobs projected for the state included ticket-takers, home health aides, retail salespeople and nurses. Others like Belle Wheelan, Director of Southern Universities and Colleges argue that the state needs to do more to attract more professional businesses instead of service industry, which typically have much lower pay. She says: "If I saw the strongest growth area was ushers, lobby attendants and ticket-takers, I'd leave Louisiana too." Ouch.

The other good news / bad news story comes from Sarah Chako of The Advocate. The good news is, from 2007 to 2008 Louisiana's poverty rate declined. However, the bad news is, it is still one of the worst in the nation with over 17% of Louisianians living in poverty. Us and our friend Mississippi. Read more here.

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  1. The state could also do a much better job of limiting the income potential of persons not obtaining the almighty GED. There are many persons who could be great in technical positions, like mechanic, plumber, etc. who can't even get into two year trade programs without obtaining a GED. It would be a lovely ending if all persons were able to be competent in all educational experiences. But that just isn't the case, and we do an injustice by not addressing it.