Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Imagine In Your Brain

It was hard to wrap my head around this one, but if it works, it will be great. Richard Burgess of the Advocate reports on a proposed redesign of the intersection of Johnston Street, Guilbeau Road, and Camellia Boulevard, which aims to increase traffic capacity there by 50 percent. Here's the hard part: Left-turning vehicles would cross over oncoming traffic before reaching the intersection and then travel through the intersection in a lane to the left of oncoming traffic. There is only one other intersection of this type in the state, in Baton Rouge at Siegen Lane and Airline Highway.
Quote of the day goes to Associate Public Works Director Pat Logan:
“You have your left turns and straight-aheads going at the same time,” he said.

Dang just blew my mind! The project is estimated to cost $4million and may begin as early January of 2010. More here.

Photo by tauntingpanda

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  1. My brain can not comprehend this!