Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Protest?.....Not So Much

Dang, it's not easy putting on a good protest these days. The great "Hoodie and Cell Phone Uprising of '09" fizzled yesterday when only two students showed up for an organized protest. Actually, one of the organizer's mother attended as well. The Advocate ran the story this morning with no byline. The "rally" consisting of John Merrifield, an Acadiana High student, and Chris Dupuis, an Acadiana High graduate but now a LSU sophmore (what does he care about hoodies and cell phones?) and Merrifield's mother, Angela Cubbedge, took place at Girard Park on Monday. Having a protest on the Labor Day holiday probably didn't help their cause, competing against the Jerry Lewis Telethon. But neither did Cubbedge. She's actually pro cell phone ban.
"I’m absolutely 100 percent for the cell phone ban,” Angela Cubbedge said. Her son interrupted: “No, you said people should be able to use them after school.”

More here.

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