Thursday, September 10, 2009

RFP for Student Housing Project Issued

UL President Joel Savoie has issued a request for proposals to address the housing problem that the UL campus is facing. The campus currently has a far greater demand for dorm rooms then they are currently able to accommodate so Savoie is hoping to fix that and increase enrollment. Marsha Sills of the Advocate reports that they are looking to build, renovate and demolish several existing buildings. According to the article, the female dorms Denbo Hall and Bancroft Hall, which were old 20 years ago, have already been decided to be demolished as soon as they come up with the $1 million it would take to do so, but other plans are also under consideration. Harris Hall, the old Sorority Dorm, and the "Rose Garden" another set of upperclassmen female dorms, are going to be renovated, and there are plans to expand the married housing. The last major renovation to university housing was a couple of years ago when they built Legacy Park, a popular apartment style community that always has a waiting list.

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