Sunday, September 27, 2009

That's A Good Meatball Man

With the cold weather just around the corner (high of only 83 predicted for Tuesday...I suppose cold is a relative term) I start thinking about making the first gumbo of the season. That first one is always great. Even with the huge pot in the fridge, I can heat up bowl after bowl, sometimes getting a full week out of one batch. But with each successive batch my enthusiasm wanes to the point where only the first couple of bowls are really exciting. Then the huge pot in the fridge just sits there growing that waxy stuff and blocking out the light. Here comes Chef Curt Guillory to the rescue with a recipe for Cajun Meatball Stew. Check out his recipe here in

A stew in South Louisiana is quite a bit different than a stew elsewhere. Dark roux is used as a thickening and flavoring component. The right amount of roux is crucial to the dish’s success. Too much dark roux will result in a thick, bitter paste, whereas too little roux will yield a gumbo not a stew. See the article titled, “Roux basics for Cajun cooking” for tips on how to make and use dark roux.

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