Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life as a New UL Student

By Olivia Melancon

Typically, you'd imagine that the first day of college for any student would be hectic. For me, this was not the case. The day before school started was actually more stressful! That night was a late night involving various tasks I had not taken care of ahead of time. I had to figure out where to park, what I would eat for lunch, and where my classes even were! I was confused for one class because I had gotten two different room numbers for the same class and did not know which one to go to. I ended up making it to the correct class merely by luck!

When classes actually started, I was shocked! On my first day on class, I actually did work! In my math class, I took notes for the first chapter, AND in English, wrote a diagnostic essay. The essay was horrible! Especially when I was least expecting it! Although I had quite a bit of work to do, I had plenty of time to relax. My only hope is that tomorrow runs just as smoothly as today!

Olivia Melancon is from Lafayette and a first time freshman at ULL.

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