Friday, June 19, 2009

Tis The Weekend Again

Alright, it's time for me to imagine myself going out again. This particular weekend is a little different because I'm playing a gig with Horace Trahan and Matthew Doucet at The Blue Moon Saloon. It's billed as Horace and Matt with The Bluerunners, but we're strictly a back up band in this line up. Horace and Matt are the main event, and tonight they'll have Tommy Alesi on drums. Not too shabby. So yeah, this is my self-serving pick of the week....our show, tonight, at the Blue Moon.
However, if I wasn't playing tonight, I could imagine myself at the Somewhere's Else Lounge catching Brother Dege Legg and Tareq. I'm not familiar with Tareq, but if they're playing with Dege, they must be doing something right. Lesson for today..if you see Brother Dege's name on a bill, go to the show. He's arguably the most creative and prolific writer/musician in the area right now, and if something cool is happening in this town, he usually has something to do with it.

Then on Saturday, I think I'd take the stairs down to Bisbano's Cellar to catch Really Really. I've heard good things about this band, and in a tight space like Bisbano's, that could produce some nice compressed rocking.

Sunday, if I were to stand at all, I'd head to the levee and check out Jimmy Breaux at Mcgee 's Landing. It don't get no more Cajun than Jimmy, and on the water?....c'mon. That's the real deal kids.

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