Wednesday, June 17, 2009

V-Vehicle In Monroe

While Monroe technically isn't in Acadiana, the fact that they're getting a car manufacturing plant is big enough to find its way to The Daily Meaux. The Car Connection blog reports that V-Vehicle, a car manufacturer backed by Oilman T-Boone Pickens, will set up in Monroe, to build gas powered cars that focus on high mileage and efficiency. From the article:
VVC was founded in 2006 by CEO Frank Varasano, previously executive VP of Oracle Corp., while former Mazda designer Tom Matano will head up the vehicle design department. Matano was responsible for the design of the MX-5, RX-7 and 929 Miata M-Coupe among other projects."I am delighted to see our vision for a new American car company coming to life here in Monroe, La.," said Varasano. "We've designed and engineered this car from start to finish to give the U.S. consumer a quality car with great value made right here in America."
More here.

Update: here's an article that speculates the cars will be powered by natural gas rather than gasoline.

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