Tuesday, June 9, 2009

High School Drop Out Rate Debate

Opinions differ on Louisiana's high school drop out rate...some say it's around 33% and some say closer to 50%. The difference stems from which grade the measuring begins, 7th or 9th. The 50% comes from studies that look at on-time graduations for 7th graders, and the 33% is if you start looking at it in 9th grade. Currently, 8th graders must pass LEAP tests before they are able to move on so that accounts for the difference. Neither rate is good, so state representatives have introduced the Senate Dropout bill to create a 'career diploma' for students to study alternate courses that they believe might be more relevant to their future job plans. The Advocate does a much better job explaining it all so click here for their story. Opponents of the Career Diploma are out there too. Jarvis DeBerry penned an editorial for the Times-Picayune outlining the opposing view.

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