Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Formal Wear

It may be a little hot right now for long formal dresses, but say you've got a big, fancy wedding to attend, or you want to get a jump on your homecoming or Mardi Gras ball gown shopping....well, Head to Toe Boutique, has a great website to shop from. They have lots of beautiful formals, pageant gowns and shoes. Plus, what's pretty cool, they note what school / event the dress is for, so that way, you won't show up in the same dress as 3 other people. They accept credit cards and PayPal. Visit their website at: or you can go to their store the old fashioned way: On the corner of Johnston Street and Ridge by Michael's Arts and Crafts store and Bailey's Restaurant.

Dress shown is by LaFemme and is $400.

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