Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UL Day 2

By: Olivia Melancon

You never realize how hot it actually is until you've been walking back and forth with your booksack on. The second day of school proved that to me. There was no shade to cover my car where I had parked it. From where I had parked at Girard Park, I needed to walk all the way from there, to the Student Union, past Girard Park again and on to Griffin for English. If you know the area, you might be thinking, "oh, that isn't all that far, it's only a few blocks." I'm a 100 pound girl carrying a 15-20 pound booksack walking in the humid, smoldering heat. It was far. Trust me.

My classes were exactly the same as yesterday. Today, I didn't show up nearly as early as I did the day before. I know that from where I park, it takes me exactly 10 minutes to walk from there to my seat for Math 250, Survey of Calculus. Much like yesterday, we took notes and did practice problems. There was even homework tonight! One three-part problem. I think I did that in 5 minutes? For lunch, I picked up my friend to take him to lunch. I had originally decided that BJ's pizza would be the way to go... Unfortunately, they were not open at 9 in the morning which hadn't occurred to me the night before. And I, being the smart little human that I am, did not think of a backup plan. After driving around for 20 minutes and ending up completely across town, Southside Bakery was chosen! Their hamburgers are to DIE for! And, at 9 in the morning, their grill was surprisingly open!

When English 102 started after lunch, I had just finished my long walk outside. I was so hot and couldn't cool off. I drank two water bottles full of water which is extremely rare for me. English was actually interesting today. The class period started out with an ice breaker which included your name, an interesting fact, and one reason why you HATE English. It was perfect! We moved on to a review of English 101. I did not have the slightest idea what she was saying. It was horrible. I never actually took English 101 since I passed out of it, so I didn't feel as bad. But there were people who were so confused that they asked if they were actually supposed to have learned that in 101. We also did a partner assignment. I was with a girl I had never met before and it was really awesome! I've been meeting so many new faces and seeing old ones that I recognize all over campus. After, my teacher ended up assigning homework which I didn't remember until just now. Oops. That, will be done before class.....

Olivia Melancon is from Lafayette and a first time freshman at ULL. She is documenting her experiences here in a special series for The Daily Meaux.

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