Friday, June 12, 2009

What To Do This Weekend

OK, so let's pretend I might actually leave the cave in search of social activity. It could happen, but I doubt it. But if it did, here's what I might do:

Friday June 12, I'd go see Drew Landry at The Somewhere's Else Lounge. I like this fella. He has that rare commodity seldom seen in today's artists...talent; and rarer still, he has passion. He can put two words together, and then sing 'em real purty. Go to this show.

Then, on Saturday 13, I'd mosey Downtown to the Art Walk. It's pretty easy, just drink and walk, and be inspired.

I'd continue walking til I hit The Blue Moon Saloon and I'd park it there to catch Jesse Dayton with the Saint Street Aces opening. From Herr Dayton's web site: "Ahhhh-yeee! We're goin' to Cajun Country and I can hardly wait. This SAT. NIGHT in LAFAYETTE LOUISIANA we play at, what Playboy Magazine calls, 'one of the coolest live music venues in America' at THE BLUE MOON SALOON.' My pre-show ritual is to hook up w/ CC Adcock (if he's in town) and go to Dons' Seafood downtown and have an Old Fashion w/ rock candy in it served by legendary ol' bartender "Cliff." I believe this displays excellent taste by the Texas troubadour.

I may also be tempted to hitch a ride to Pont Breaux to catch the Pine Leaf Boys at La Poussiere Saturday from 7-11. A rambunctious young band in a classic Cajun bar...that does hold potential for surreality.

Then Sunday, I'll probably just complain about how hot it is, and put some Golf on the TV to sleep to.

Now, that's just me. You may have other plans.

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