Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mow Your Grass or You'll Pay

We love AOC. They work really hard to bring us Festival International coverage and all the great local and civic programs, including the City Council Meetings on Tuesday nights. These can be so entertaining that we have a friend that religiously rushes home from work every Tuesday evening just so she won't miss the 5:24pm start. Especially when they are debating hot issues like the Grayhound bus terminal relocation or Tuesday's topic...citizens not mowing their grass. Apparently the council receives hundreds of calls each summer from residents complaining that their neighbors won't cut their grass, which is, by ordinance, not to exceed 12 inches tall. The council has now decided that homeowners will be notified and given 5 days to get it mowed. If they don't, the city will send a crew and that could cost the homeowner more than $100. The Advocate has all the details.

And speaking of AOC... who else misses "Drumming with Jack" and "Rock Breauxz"?

Photo by: James Tworow

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