Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They Like The Spicy

Maria Rodriguez of WWL, in a report picked up by states that Louisiana could be a big beneficiary of a proposed trade agreement with South Korea. "The Korean people like to eat spicy foods. They like red peppers, they like that spicy taste and I think that's why we're selling a lot of our products there," said Anna Zuniga, director of international sales and marketing for Chef Paul's Magic Seasonings. A free trade agreement between the two countries agreed to during the recent Bush administration would lift tariffs on products traded between the two. However, the treaty has yet to be ratified by Congress nor the Korean National Assembly. Parties from both governments are expected to meet this month to discuss the agreement. "Louisiana has to have the vision, I'm talking about our government leaders, our business leaders, the vision to look ahead to the future and see what these global trends are," Schreiber, of the World Trade Center, said. "As long as Louisiana and New Orleans has something called the Mississippi River, we have an advantage second-to-none. And shame on us, if we don't capitalize on that advantage." It's complicated, but the details are here.

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