Thursday, June 11, 2009

UL Day 3

By Olivia Melancon

As the amount of homework increases, my stress level seems to decrease. I feel pretty relaxed. I now know exactly which door is most efficient to go through to get to my classes and exactly what time to arrive to get that last parking spot. Getting around on campus was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Although, I only have two classes at the moment; the Fall semester will be a different story...

Today, I learned to pay attention to the teacher at all times. In Math 250, my teacher told us the very first day that " all assignments are due TWO days after they have been assigned." So today when we got our assignment, forgot to write it down because I was busy doing a practice problem at the time. As I sat down to do my homework, I freaked out! I didn't know what numbers to do and I had no one to call! She grades on correctness too, so I was pretty worried. Moodle, the program that allows teachers to post assignments, had not been updated by her yet. If I had just listened to her on the first day, I would have realized that I still have a whole day to do my math homework.

Olivia Melancon is from Lafayette and a first time freshman at ULL. She is documenting her experiences here in a special series for The Daily Meaux.

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