Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tough Chicks

Watch out Texecutioners and Hell come the Acadiana Good Times Rollers! If you are familiar with the Derby Dolls or the Gothem Girls, then you probably know I'm talking about Roller Derby. Yes, the physical roller skating sport of the 70s is hot again and Lafayette has a new bad a*$ Roller Derby team. The Acadiana Good Times Rollers, who's cast of colorful characters include The Terrible Trifecta, AccostHer Wilde, and the Hostile Hostesses, are currently recruiting women age 18 and over to skate and men and women of all ages to referee, volunteer, etc. for their newly formed team. Want more information?

Check them out at:
Facebook: Acadiana Good Times Rollers

Photo by Bukutgirl


  1. Yay! Fair warning, though, it's Good TimeS Rollers (we don't want to have to beat you up). And our current team member names are:

    Frau Lulu
    Becky Sharp
    AccostHer Wilde
    Minerva Mayhem
    Bunny Blackeye
    Lolita Luscious
    Babe Rude
    Queen Sassymouth

    We also have a number of unnamed girls as well, but that will soon be remedied. Thanks for your support!

  2. Thanks for the correction...all fixed now. Please don't beat us up :)