Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maybe They Could Ride To An English Class

Evan Anderson, of KATC, filed this report concerning a proposed ban on riding horses in the city limits of Breaux Bridge. The story presents legitimate concerns of horse safety, city liability, and states that the city has buried six horses in the last two months. The pro-riding side of the debate may want to recruit better spokespeople to represent their concerns. To be fair, one of the riders quoted was only thirteen years old.
Still, the story offers up these gems:
"It keeps me and my friends out of trouble so we don't be in the streets doing
bad stuff." said Jalen Wiltz.

And this:
"Long as we stayin on the right side of the road and we're not disrespecting
nobody's yard, he shouldn't have a problem with it." said Sokiro Landry

And finally:
"If he stops us from riding horses on the street, I don't know where we're gonna
be able to ride them at." said Sokiro Landry.

Bloggers sometime peddle snark OK? Read the rest here.

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