Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Writing for the Houston Press, John Nova Lomax, profiles the life of Jose Ramirez former resident of United States Marine Hospital #66, the Carville, LA Leprosarium. The story chronicles Ramirez's struggles in the late 60's with what was then called Leprosy (now known as Hansen's Disease) as well as the stigma and myths surrounding the long misunderstood disease. The article provides a glimpse into life of the isolated community located on the River Road outside of Baton Rouge. Here's an excerpt:
Unlike at Angola Prison, staff at Carville did their best to make the hospital a place of good cheer. As José discovered in his first few weeks in the hospital, amenities abounded on the 350-acre grounds. In addition to dorms, schools, a post office and Roman Catholic and Protestant chapels, there were two golf courses, a movie theater, a gym, a softball field, a man-made lake and a canteen that even stocked beer.
There's much more to Ramirez's story, read it here.

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