Monday, August 31, 2009

State Tax Amnesty from Alexandria, ran this article by Mike Hasten about a two month tax amnesty program the state will run from Tuesday, Sept. 1, to Saturday October 31, during which, the state will waive half of the interest payments and all penalties assessed for late filing if overdue taxes are paid up to date. From the article:
Even people who are currently wrapped up in legal battles with the state over back taxes can take advantage of the settlement offer. You'll have to pay any fees, such as attorney costs if the department has had to hire outside counsel, or administrative fees.
Byron Henderson, spokesman for the revenue department, said a large number of people are expected to settle their accounts with the state. Of the $473.1 million in accounts receivable and $168.3 million in interest payments due, the state set a target of collecting about $150 million."Based on current economic conditions and prior tax amnesty periods, we're confident we can reach that goal," Henderson said.

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