Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Shed BBQ Coming to Scott

Looks like there's a new restaurant coming to Scott in November. According to various reports, The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint has signed a new franchise agreement with Frank Sannier and Kaliste Saloom III for Lafayette, Louisiana. WLOX reports that they are going to be moving into a "pre-existing 8,000 square foot building located just west of Lafayette on the Scott exit, LA93 North" which sounds like the old IronHorse Bar and Grill.


  1. We are so excited to know The Shed BBQ is coming closer to us, we go every chance we get when we go to Mississippi. Can not wait to eat some of that Great Tasting BBQ from The Shed...*S*

  2. My wife and I just went the the new Shed location in Scott, LA. My wife had the ribs. where they appeared to be boiled and drenched in sauce! The ribs were not cut in the usual St Louis style and had very little smoke flavor. Overall, the ribs were marginal at best. My wife would rate then a 3/10. She also had the beans (nothing special) and the slaw as side dishes. She enjoyed the slaw initially but gave her stomach problems later.

    I had the pulled pork sandwich with two side dishes. The only flavor the pork had was due to the sauce and slaw on the bun. The slaw was good, but was too sloppy for the sandwich. The slaw also gave me stomach problems later. The sauce was tomato-based and sweet and was not bad. However, the pulled pork itself had little smoke and over done. Basically, 1/4 pound sandwich was marginal at best, rating a 4/10. My sides were the macaroni and potato salads, which were average but a bit bland.

    This was the first BBQ place I have ever eaten at there there was no sauce bottles on the table. This was surprising. In spite of the marginal food, the service was good.

    I hope the food quality improves. If not, The Shed in Scott will not be open long.

  3. The Shed is the worst BBQ in the south! Believe I have had my share bad BBQ and The Shed ranks right up their with worst.

    They claim to have won BBQ competitions - but no winners ever for their food - it has all been for showmanship.

  4. Haven't tried the 'local Shed", but ate at the original, and it was PERFECT!!